Watch out for deer on the roads during peak fall mating season

Watch out for deer when you are out driving this fall.

White-tailed deer's peak mating season and hunting season is in October and November making them more likely to suddenly run onto the roads. The chance of a collision between a deer and a car increases greatly in the fall months.

Deer are more active in the mornings and around sunset, when driver visibility may already be impaired. The National Highway Safety Administration said there are approximately 1.5 million deer-related car accidents annually and nearly 200 fatalities.

If you see a deer in the road you should slow down. Deer in the road don't want to move, so drivers should wait for the deer to pass. It is also advised to travel with high beams when traveling after dark, the lights will reflect off of the eyes of the deer.

Accidents are more likely to become fatal when a driver swerves to avoid the deer and instead collides with another car or object, according to statistics.

Deer are not just a threat to drivers though. White-tailed buck deer can become sexually aggressive towards women during mating season.

"They can see men as a threat. I know that sounds crazy because we're not deer, why do they associate us with any kind of interest like that."

Do not provoke the animals if you come in contact, just enjoy seeing them from afar.