We can provide this training at your facility or worksite where the equipment is located. This program is designed to provide the operator with an understanding and awareness of powered industrial truck regulations and safe operating requirements. This training program meets OSHA's new training requirements for powered industrial truck operations .  The course consists of classroom study (course manual provided), a written exam, video presentation, on-site hazard assessment, equipment inspection and a "hands on" performance evaluation of each operator.

Participants will receive a wallet card (a Certificate of Completion card valid for three (3) years upon successful completion of this course).  The customer will receive copies of class rosters and course evaluations.


Forklift Types Lateral Stability Forklift Loading
Forklift Selection Dynamic Stability Forklift Unloading
Modifications & Additions Fuel Storage Forklift Transit
Atmosphere Requirements Battery Charging Safety Precautions
Emissions Control Battery Handling Training Requirements
The Stability Triangle Forklift Inspection Longitudnal Stability
                                                                              Safe Forklift Operations


This course lasts four or more hours depending on the number of students evaluated.